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Cover designed by Eva Nazarova and illustrated by Ilyanna Kerr.

**NEW** Bookings are now open for a free online panel discussion about the roots and future of feminist science fiction, with a special focus on Clarion West founder Vonda N. McIntyre and other major influences on the genre. It's on Saturday, 8 June, from 7pm (UK time)/ 11am PST (USA)/4am 9 June (Australian east coast time). I am beyond stoked to be appearing with Nicola Griffith, Nisi Shawl and Una McCormack to talk about this topic. Vonda McIntyre's work was a big influence on my own writing. The panel discussion is part of the publicity for Little Sisters and Other Stories, a new collection of her short fiction by GoldSF with an introduction by Una.

I greatly enjoyed the Cymera SFFH festival in Edinburgh on 1 and 2 June. I spent most of it on the table for Glasgow WorldCon, but also did a five-minute reading during Sunday's open mic from The Disinformation War.

Speaking of WorldCon, that's the next big convention I'll be at this year. The amazing team of volunteers are working through the hundreds (thousands?) of applications to appear on panels. I hope that I will get on a few. Based on the list I selected from, there is quite a range of terrific sounding panels in store for us at the convention. If you haven't signed up to become a member of the convention, check out the link above for details.

Looking further in the future, next year I should be at Eastercon Reconnect in Belfast, and the World Fantasy Convention in Brighton (30 October to 2 November 2025). 

It’s nearly a year now since my novel, The Disinformation War, was published in paperback (ISBN 9781913380809). An ebook version is now available through Amazon and Kobo, and most places that sell/rent/loan ebooks (ISBN 9781913380793). Readers are leaving reviews of the novel in various places — thank you! I encourage people to leave reviews because it helps spread the word about the book. I was thrilled to read a wonderfully thoughtful review by my favourite book-tempting Womble in early February 2024. I also love the kind words people are sharing with me about it. Thank you for taking that time. It means a lot. Extra special thanks to people who thought it worthy enough to nominate for various awards and prizes.

A reminder: on Ko-Fi each Monday I'm posting about politics and each Thursday about writing. Do consider following me there to keep in touch. I'm focussing on the UK's general election for the rest of this month.

Back in February this year I presented a talk to HighlandLIT in Inverness, Scotland, about The Disinformation War, aspects of my previous career in intelligence analysis, and what we can do about disinformation. I am a member of HighlandLIT and enjoy doing readings at the open mic events they run, as well as listening to what fellow authors talk about. I was deeply saddened to learn of the recent death of one of HighlandLIT's organisers, Mark Williams. He was such a warm, welcoming host, and will be much missed by many. RIP.

Updated: 6 June 2024.