Appearances, reviews, and awards eligibility

Cover designed by Eva Nazarova and illustrated by Ilyanna Kerr.  ISBN 978-1-913380-80-9 (paperback)

It’s been a few months now since my novel, The Disinformation War, was published in paperback. 

An e-book version is in the works and will be available through Amazon and Kobo, and possibly other places. There's a bit of confusion about dates, but my publisher is working with the distributor to find out more. I'll post details here when I get them.

Readers are leaving reviews in various places — thank you! I was thrilled to read such a thoughtful review by my favourite book-tempting Womble in early February. 

I’ve done a few readings, which seem to have gone well. On 20 February 2024 I presented a talk to HighlandLIT in Inverness, Scotland, about the novel, aspects of my previous career in intelligence analysis, disinformation and what we can do about it. We had a great conversation afterwards. 

On 5 March 2024 I'll be on a panel with Una McCormack, Adam Marek, Dan Coxon,  and Abi Curtis talking about GoldSF, feminist SF, and writing the future. That's part of the York Literature Festival.

I was delighted to see that The Disinformation War on the long list for the BSFA Awards 2023! It's in exceptional company. Voting for the short lists is now closed, and the winners will be announced at Eastercon Levitation in Telford. 

Speaking of Eastercon, I shall be there for the entire weekend. I hope to see some of you there.
Nominations are also open for the Hugo Awards. If you're a member of the World SF Society, which you will likely be if you've bought a membership to WorldCon in Chengdu (2023) and/or Glasgow (2024), then you can nominate your favourite works across a variety of categories. The Disinformation War is eligible for best novel, if you're so inclined to nominate it. I will be at Glasgow and am greatly looking forward to it.

WorldCon and the Hugo Awards have been in the news of late. I'm not going to comment on it here except to say that my heart goes out to everyone affected by the goings-on by certain people in charge of last year's Awards and convention. 

Finally, on Ko-Fi each Monday I'm posting about politics and each Thursday about writing. Do consider following me there to keep in touch. 

Updated: 21 February 2024.